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Elders (Year 5/6)

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Welcome to our class page! Here you will find information about what we get up to in Year 5 and 6.

Here is our weekly timetable:

Please provide your child with PE kit every Wednesday and Friday.


 Meet Fernando!

He's how we challenge our learners!

He has 4 flavours of work that pupils choose for themselves.

Flaming Hot - This is for the pupils that really want to challenge themselves and are confident in their work.

Extra Spicy - This is for pupils that like a challenge but need to increase their confidence and skills before taking on the next level.

Lemon and Herb - This flavour is for pupils that need to increase their skills and confidence in the topic of work we are focusing on.

Plain - This is for pupils that are generally lacking confidence when completing tasks and need to                                                              focus on their skills to improve their understanding.


If you ever want to see the CHILLI CHALLENGE in action, come and speak to some of our class and they'll give you the rundown!