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Dyma Criw Cymraeg 2018-19


'Criw Cymraeg' or 'Welsh Crew' have been chosen to help promote the Welsh language in our school and to ensure events and activities are planned throughout the year which help pupils learn and improve their Welsh.


Every Friday a new phrase of the week is introduced in assembly and this is displayed in classrooms and around the school. Pupils and teachers are encouraged to use the phrase as part of their incidental language. For example saying 'diolch' instead of 'thank you' and responding with 'croeso' - 'you're welcome'.


 Criw Cymraeg will choose pupils and staff to be named 'Siaradwr yr Wythnos' or 'Speaker of the Week' and 'Cwestiwn yr Wythnos' or 'Question of the Week'. 


Criw Cymraeg will also be supporting use of Welsh in other classes through introduction of fun games and reading sessions!