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ADMISSIONS - 2020-2021

Just a reminder - If your child is in our Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 classes at the moment, you will  have to apply on-line on the Council website to secure your child's place in September 2020 for our Nursery 2 and Reception classes.  Please note that we cannot admit any child to the school unless a place has been granted to them by RCT  and confirmation received by us from the Admissions Department of the Local Authority


Similarly, if you child is currently in Year 6, again, you will have to apply on-line via the Council's website to secure your child's place in your chosen Comprehensive School for Year 7.  


The forms are live on-line on the Council's website for completion.  The closing date for Nursery/Reception places is the 15th November 2019 and decision letters will be issued by the Council on the 16th April 2020. 


In the case of Comprehensive places the closing date is the 18th October 2019 and decision letters will be issued on the 2nd March 2020.


We have been informed by the Council that no paper applications will be accepted by them. 


If you wish to access the link to the website you can access this either via the Council website under the Admissions Section or by clicking on the tab named "Key Information" and then on the word"Admissions" where you will see a link which will take you directly to the form to be completed.