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Dear Parents/Guardians


We appreciate that you are all patiently awaiting information regarding the safe return of learners to school in the September.


It was the Director of Education's intention to issue this today, but it has been decided to wait until the end of this week when guidance from Welsh Government is expected.


We at Capcoch Primary remain committed to ensuring that we maintain continuity in learning and to safely maximise the opportunities to engage all learners in learning,  particularly the most vulnerable. To enable us to plan effectively for this, a directive on the social distancing requirements for September is essential from the Welsh Government and RCT.   It is undoubtedly a challenge to plan in an informed manner for September given that the transmission rate and the science may well fluctuate over the next 2 months. Nevertheless, it is important to draw on what is happening nationally and you will be aware that schools, college and nurseries in England are set to open fully in September, with the reintroduction of mandatory attendance. Schools in Scotland are set to reopen to pupils on 11 August, with no social distancing or home learning required. In Ireland, Public Health guidance has recently advised that schools should implement physical distancing of at least one metre between pupils, and not at all for younger pupils, once they reopen in September.


Once a Welsh Government statement is issued, all schools will then receive guidance from the Director of Education's Department  to enable us to collaboratively plan and progress effectively to this next important phase of education for our learners. 


Thank you for your continued support and we will update you as soon as we have further information.