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Hello all


Just a reminder for tomorrow: Pupils can dress ‘glitz and glamour' or in PJ’s , fancy dress /Pudsey. We are asking for a £1.00 donation which will need to be brought into school in an envelope with the child’s name. They will also receive a cake and squash on this day. If they bought a Pudsey or Blush colouring for 50p to decorate, these will be judged tomorrow too.

We do have some merchandise for them to buy and am pleased to say the coloured pencils and the lanyards have arrived.

Pudsey Ears - £2.50
Lanyards - £2.00
Coloured Pencil Pot with coloured pencils - £2.00
Pudsey Wrist Band - £1.00
Pudsey Pin Badge - £1.00
Blush Small Teddy Keyring £2.50

We only have a certain amount of each merchandise and so will be limiting one item per child to begin, and then following this, once everyone has had the opportunity to buy something, we will sell the rest of the merchandise to the children until everything is sold out.

If your child wants an item and it is sold out we will look into ordering more for them.

It will be a day of fun activities and so tomorrow I will be posting some photos from the day 😊😊


Kind regards