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Collection arrangements for parents -Cromer Street


Dear Parent/Carer​         1st November 2021

Re: Collection Arrangements for Parents- Cromer Street


As you will be aware following a review of our risk assessment, we have today  re-opened both the yard/main gates off Cromer Street in an effort to reduce congestion.


The Cromer Street small gate will be used to enter the school with the larger gate being used for leaving the school. Parents can still use the one-way system, if leaving the school through School Street. 


Please could all parents with siblings in the classes of Mrs Ross, Miss Hanson and Ms Owen’s and who wish to use the Cromer Street entrance to leave the school must wait on the yard until the class teachers have dismissed your child(ren)  to you to ensure that the current one way system remains effective.  Please also keep your social distancing when walking around the school.   


We would once again, remind you that all parents need to leave the school as soon as their child/children have been collected and not allow children to play on the climbing equipment on the yard. Timings for all gates to be opened/ closed will remain the same.


We will be reviewing this arrangement at the end of the week and on a regular basis.  Providing that the above rules are adhered to the gates will remain open for the foreseeable future.  However it should be noted that this arrangement can change at any time as it is dependent upon not only the changing COVID Regulations but also upon parents adhering to these rules.


We know how disruptive the last year has been for everyone. This year we want to keep your child in school as much as possible, but we also want to keep our schools and communities safe from the effects of COVID-19.  


Thank you for your co-operation in this matter,


Kind regards