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Dear Parent/Guardian

We have sent home with your child la letter entitled “On Line Payment of Dinner Money” which provides you with your child’s individual reference number in order that you can pay dinner money on line for your child. Each child has a separate Pin Number which is unique to that child and their dinner money account.  No money will be accepted at the school office for dinners as from 21st September.  In addition, Please ensure that your credit your child’s dinner money account on line no later than the day before your child is due to take a dinner.


The school will be update daily on balances paid on line by you.  Unfortunately, you will be unable to pay on the day that your child is due to take a dinner.  Please note that due to an increase in April, school dinner money is now £2.55 per day or £12.75 per week.


We also enclosed a Data Collection Sheet for completion and return to the school office as soon as possible.  The purpose of this is to ensure that we have up to date information for your child including telephone numbers in the event of an emergency.   If you have more than one child in the school you are not able to put all of the children on one sheet.  A separate sheet must be completed for each child, 


Again, if you have more than one child in the school, all of your childrens Data Collection Sheets and individual On Line dinner money payments letters will be sent home in one envelope with your eldest child.


Further, as you will all be aware there is a one-way system in operation at the school for dropping-off and collection of children.  We have posted a video on line, the link for which can be found on our school website showing the one-way system to be followed and in addition, the new layout of the classrooms due to COVID.


Please could we also remind you that parents are not permitted to drive onto or park in the school car park at any time except when pupils are being dropped off for Breakfast Club.  As you will appreciate, parents and pupils use the car park for entering and exiting the school and we must ensure everyone’s safety.   


Your co-operation in these matters to help us to keep our children, staff and families as safe as we possibly can from COVID is much appreciated.


Kind regards