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Dear Parent/Carer


Following a number of concerns from Parents on Friday regarding the application process/result of applications made to secure a place in Breakfast Club after the Easter break, we e-mailed Catering Services to make further enquiries and address the concerns raised,


We have this morning, received a reply to our e-mail and Catering Services have informed us that they have been advised by the RCT web team that a problem arose when a large number of parents were trying to submit their applications at exactly the same time. In addition, they are aware that some parents have received duplicate emails. If an email has been received stating the application was successful, the child’s place has been secured and all other emails can be ignored. 


At the moment, Catering Services are now working through reserve lists and will be in touch with parents/carers to confirm places if they become available via the on-line process.


They have also informed us that unfortunately, the current legislative framework does not allow Catering Services to prioritise key workers or vulnerable learners.  The Breakfast Club provision was established to provide children with the opportunity of having a healthy breakfast before school and as a consequence provides open access to all pupils.  Catering Services are unable to prioritise pupils on the basis of their individual needs or parents/carers’ work status


They have also advised us that should parents wish to make a complaint to e-mail them directly at


Unfortunately, we have no control over who is granted or refused a place as this decisions are not made by the school but by Catering Services and in addition, we have not control or input into the application process.


As you know we are always willing to help parents if we can but unfortunately, are not able to assist parents with regard to Breakfast Club at this time.


Kind regards