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Statement from Kirsty Williams regarding September 2020 return to school - 9.7.20

Dear Parents/Guardians


We appreciate that you are all patiently awaiting information regarding the safe return of learners to school in the September.


As you will be aware, Ms Kirsty Williams issued a Statement at 12.30 today confirming that the autumn term in Wales will start on Tuesday, September 1st . Schools that can accommodate all pupils that week can do so. 

However, she also recognised that some schools may require a short period to focus on priority year groups such as those new to secondary schools, those sitting exams next summer or those in reception classes.  She has also indicated that she will allow schools time for extra planning and reorganisation in the first two weeks of the new term.  The latest date that schools can re-open to pupils is Monday 14th September and all children must attend school.

The Welsh Government will be publishing operational and learning guidance next week to support schools during this transition. In addition, they will also work with unions and Local Authorities during the summer to update further. Of course, where challenges continue to exist the Welsh Government will work constructively with schools to resolve them. 


We at Capcoch Primary remain committed to ensuring that we maintain continuity in learning and to safely maximise the opportunities to engage all learners in learning,  particularly the most vulnerable. 


As soon as guidance is received from the Director of Education's Department at RCT, we will then be able to start the process of planning our pupils return to school in September and will communicate that guidance and the finalised arrangements as soon as we possibly can.    


We have e-mailed a copy of Ms Kirsty Williams' Statement out to all parents this evening who have registered an e-mail with us.  In addition, have also posted this Statement under the "News & Events" tab and then by clicking on the "Newsletters" tab.


Thank you for your continued support and we will update you as soon as we have further information.